Authentic Cape Town

Cape Town is a mosaic of cultural and mixes, and lifestyles of the native population range from the humble to the opulent. However, regular tourism often overlooks the day to day existence of the majority of a local population. Fortunately, Tana Tours is not a typical tour operator, so we offer authentic tourism experiences.

Our authentic Cape Town tour offers a realistic blend of every-day local lifestyle experiences, by guiding visitors through the real lifestyle experiences of many Capetonians, while still offering enlightening and comfortable experiences to our guests.Toyota minibus taxi800

We stop at significant points along our journey to explore the detail of the local history and culture and take the opportunity to stretch the legs with some light walking exercise – perfect for picture taking and absorbing

the environments.

Like countless daily commuters, we travel on foot, by rail, by bus, and even by South Africa’s famous mini-bus taxi as we explore historical and culturally rich Cape Town city central, the beautifully picturesque False Bay in the deep South Peninsula, and finish the day by enjoying late afternoon sundowners on the gorgeous west coast, with a postcard-perfect, iconic view of Table Mountain to take in.

© Danie van der Merwe * source:

© Danie van der Merwe

Your completely real travel experiences and encounters with locals of all backgrounds are complimented with a choice of meals from iconic vendors and eateries dotted along our route, perfectly rounding off this satisfying day of intimate travel experiences.

Tours begin at 08:00 and finish at 19:00

Cost is 120 Euro per person.

Price includes all transfers and excludes meals and drinks.